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A selection of images showcasing our beautifully

unique 18 hole golf course.


At 4,372 metres, and a par of 68, the course is not overly long, but its length is more than made up for in its narrow fairways. This is not a course you can overpower, and is considered more suited to the thinker rather than the big hitter. 


The club provides all the amenities required for the travelling visitor, but the main asset for the first timer is that of the membership itself. This is a course that requires a certain amount of finesse, and that essential ingredient rests primarily with those of experience of the layout. Fortunately, the membership is only too will­ing to show you how to unlock the courses secrets, and at the incredibly modest green fee of $25, it is certain­ly affordable for even those on a backpackers budget. 

Roxburgh is a course to be enjoyed, both in terms of the nature of the course, and the contrast of scenery it encompasses. If your travels take you through the Central Otago, take the time to savour the fruits of the Roxburgh Golf Club, for it is well worth it. 


Hole 1. 'First Chance': Mens & Ladies 415m

Hole 2. 'Golden Gate': Mens & Ladies 115m

Hole 3. 'Lady Roxburgh': Mens & Ladies 214m

Hole 4. 'Happy Valley': Mens & Ladies 126m

Hole 5. 'Long Valley': Mens 336m & Ladies 254m

Hole 6. 'Surprise': Mens 232m & Ladies 220m

Hole 7. 'Golden Run': Mens 251m & Ladies 240m

Hole 8. 'Teviot': Mens 182m & Ladies 177m

Hole 9. 'Sandy Point': Mens 286m & Ladies 280m


Hole 10. 'Koh I Nor': Mens & Ladies 78m

Hole 11. 'Molyneaux': Mens 337m & Ladies 310m

Hole 12. 'Mystery Flat': Mens 281m & Ladies 254m

Hole 13. 'Hercules': Mens & Ladies 126m

Hole 14. 'Ravine': Mens 278m & Ladies 213m

Hole 15. 'Sailors Bend': Mens 404m & Ladies 356m

Hole 16. 'Keep it dark': Mens & Ladies 310m

Hole 17. 'Endeavour': Mens & Ladies 295m

Hole 18. 'Last Chance': Mens 106m & Ladies 96m 

Course Description


'Happy Valley'

The fourth hole, a par 3, may only be 126 metres but it requires considerable accuracy. With the tee set on the rock well above the smallish green, there is trouble long, short and left.  Long will bring in the 'pin-ball' effect of the

rocks at the back, short will have your ball running down the hill and

left flirts with out-of-bounds. 

Signature Hole


"Throughout its existence, the Roxburgh Golf Club membership has reflected the changing of the area's history, but has remained a constant, and while its current membership is not overly large, what they lack in numbers, they make up for with an enthusiastic and welcoming attitude'.


For a more indepth read into Roxburgh Golf Club's history, click below to access a  document prepared by S. Pearson ahead

of the club's 75th anniversary in 1974.



"We had a terrific day for our Ambrose. Everyone enjoyed themselves and were very appreciative of the light meal that was supplied and also the bar service from Nigel (have known him for several years).

The challenge that I put to the players brought various comments especially where they had to play one handed. The ball as you could imagine never  went too far ahead, mostly to one side.

So I would like to thank you for the arranging of the meal etc and to the excellent service provided. So with a bit of luck we may be back in a couple of years time and the Ambrose will be more challenging as it will be the front 9 holes."

"A quick note to thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality at ladies day last week.  Roger and I really enjoyed our time with you and have been telling lots of people about your fabulous course.  Thank you for arranging trundlers for us, and including us in your scramble."

"Just wanted to pass on to you our thanks to your Club for a great afternoon of golf on Friday. We very much enjoyed our round and were very impressed with the condition of the course. More so on learning the number of members you have. Tom did a great job of welcoming us and attending the bar at the finish of play. We paid for our green fees and bar tab by way of Bank Deposit."

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